Automated Dosing Systems

Gator Aquatic Technologies has developed several unique, patent pending processes that are capable of liquid solids separation and soluble nutrient or contaminant removal in a single treatment phase.

Our processes can be utilized for any type of surface water contamination ranging from small ponds to larger lakes and estuaries. The processes are applicable in salt or freshwater environments.

We can treat water ranging from 1.0 – 13.0 pH and, render the discharge to a desired pH or neutral. Our processes are aquatically safe and of the most cost effective and complete options available today.

Gator Aquatic Technologies can provide treatability studies for any water treatment needs including: Liquid Solids Separation, RCRA Metals removal, F, As removal, Total P removal and Total N reductions.

Gator Aquatic Technologies manufactures H2Optimizers, which are automated dosing systems that provide full control of the site-specific chemistry application, redundant safety alarms and fail safes, along with remote monitoring and control.