Nutrient Removal

In recent years, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has identified soluble phosphorus as one of the greatest pollutants in US waters. Higher than normal phosphorus levels lead to accelerated vegetation and algae growth resulting in the process of Eutrophication.

Gator Aquatic Technologies has developed a patent pending process that is capable of liquid solids separation and nutrient removal in a single treatment phase while remaining the most cost-effective complete treatment system available. Our process can be implemented for surface water applications ranging from small ponds to large lakes, bays and estuaries. Of the many unique components; the process removes the nutrients from the water column unlike any other treatment program available today which ultimately leave the nutrients in contact with the water.

Phosphorous Reduction – Example from Crystal River Project

This unique process allows the dissolved and undissolved Phosphorus to be captured and bound with the dredged sediments in a single treatment phase while still within the pipeline as the slurry reports to a variety of dewatering mechanisms (In this case, geo-textile bags).

Subsequently, no additional infrastructure or process equipment is necessary, rendering our technology to be one of the most cost effective and aquatically safe processes available. While the samples collected at Crystal River were not measured for Total Nitrogen reductions; all other trials and studies conducted by GAT using our patent pending technology have shown the TN reductions to range from 40-70% removed.