William J. Coughlin III President / CEO

Waterfront Property Services, LLC.

Gator Aquatic Technologies has been a valuable resource to the success of our business. Since the addition of their automated dosing system we have noticed a significant increase in efficiency across many aspects of our dredging/dewatering processes. Some of these efficiencies include the following: an increase in capacity for the geosynthetic dewatering tubes we use by approximately 15%, decreased dewatering and drying times by approximately 200%%, and a decrease in the footprint needed for our DMMA sites. The real-time dosing system has proven to be more accurate and less cumbersome than traditional methods of polymer application. In-turn, this accuracy has allowed us to reduce the amount of polymer used on projects; which reduces project costs. Increases in efficiency also allows us to use manpower, normally allocated to projects, to take on additional projects. Overall the use of Gator Aquatic Technologies and their automated dosing system has positively impacted our process and methodology in ways that has allowed us to accelerate the growth of Gator Dredging.